April 20, 2018
VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is the new way to connect with people. This modern telephone like system utilizes your internet line to make calls, conference via video and other tasks that would normally use a landline and does all of this by streaming the data where it needs to go. Nett-Tell LLC offers their services for free and allow you to even choose an area code to mimic your location. With Nett-Tell LLC, you will use your phone the same way you did before and those receiving your contact will also have a consistent appearance as it did when you made calls with your old landline. Move into modern connections with Nett-Tell LLC and their VOIP connection.
September 25, 2017
It is the case that VoIP telephone service has grown very popular over the last decade or so, primarily because it is easy to set up and use and because the cost savings can be significant, even though these types of home phone services come with a great many features. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which sounds really technical, but it just means your calls are routed over the Internet, instead of hard-wired phone lines. You simply connect a standard landline phone to your router and the Internet to make a phone call.

This is the type of service offered by Net-Tell LLC, which is a pioneer in this type of service. Overall, you’ll notice no difference; the call quality and everything else about it feels the same. You use the same phone; you just plug it into your Internet router, which saves everyone a lot of money. Using the Internet means Net-Tell LLC can provide customers with unlimited calling, as well as low-cost international calls, easily at prices many local phone companies can’t touch.