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Net-Tell LLC – Affordable Home Phone Service

September 22, 2019

Net-Tell LLC features a better home telephone experience, and it will save you money over home phone service. Instead of hard phone lines that require upkeep, Net-Tell LLC service uses VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol to route calls over the Internet. Instead of plugging your basic landline phone into a standard phone line, you connect it to your broadband router and then use the Internet to call your family or friends or, if you’re in business, you can call customers, clients or business associates without using cell phone minutes or data. Calls are routed via an Internet connection, which saves everyone money and Net-Tell LLC passes the savings on to you.

For those with a good Internet connection, there is no real difference in call quality when using Net-Tell LLC as your home phone. Once everything is set up, you will use it just as you always have; it will seem the same as service from your local phone company, except when you get the bill every month. Net-Tell LLC will save most phone customers a lot of money every month compared to the phone company.

Net-Tell LLC monthly service customers get unlimited calling with no long distance charges and low rates on international calls. In addition to the cheaper calls, they also receive as free services such as Caller ID service for incoming calls, Caller ID blocking for the calls you make to others, anonymous call blocking and a Do Not Disturb mode, for when you’re too busy to take a call. All Net-Tell LLC customers also get an enhanced voicemail service, as well as three-way calling, conference calling and other features that will make this the best phone experience you have ever had, all for a price that won’t break your budget.